5 Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2014 Outside Traditional Advertising

5 Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2014 Outside Traditional Advertising

Written by: Komail Mithani

December 30, 2013 6:58 pm 0 comments


As a blog transitions from a hobby to an actual career and job, bloggers need to understand the business side of running and operating their blog. After all, it’s the blog’s revenue that will help put food on the table and support its growth. That’s why, as we close 2013, I want to spotlight some ways bloggers and blogging communities can start to make money in the new year, outside of traditional adsense advertising.

1) Tap into the eCommerce side of your community.

As eCommerce starts to become ubiquitous to an Internet user’s experience online, it makes sense to tap into the buying power of your community. There are two ways to do this. First, is setting up a store page on your site with relevant products your community enjoys. For example, Amazon Associates allows you to build a small storefront (picture below) and offers a percentage of the sale. Pretty typical example of an affilate program and business to consumer model.
However, the second way is a pretty unique idea. [Side note, I work with Curious Complex and have partnered with them to start Intelligent Apples.] You’ve worked to create a loyal community of readers that are currently interacting with each other and your content via both online and offline channels. Now, think about a marketplace where the same readers can find, buy and sell the things they love. If you consider how people buy and sell to each other today, usually referred as consumer to consumer, they’re using different channels like Facebook, eBay and Craigslist. But, imagine if they had one place dedicated to their passion and surrounded with people they already know and trust. This is the idea behind a Curious Marketplace (pictured below of one for University of Texas fans), which can help solve that problem and help you generate non-traditional revenue. It’s a way to enrich your community experience and keep your readers connected. hornscurious-homepage

2) Create affiliate relationships with products your audience already loves.

Adding to #1, affilate relationships are a simple way to make money from your blog. In a nutshell, affiliates give you a percentage of the sales revenue from a customer you refer to them. Be cautious about your approach to affiliate partners because not all products/programs will make sense for your community. You know your community better than anyone else, so try to partner with brands/products that they would value.

3) Package sponsored social media equity


Utilize your social media equity to share sponsored updates, articles, products, pages, etc. that are relevant to your community. Again, be cautious hear and only offer this to select sponsors that coincide with the rules of your community. Also, sponosred tweets don’t have to be boring and dull. Have some fun with it and I bet both your community and your sponsor will be more receptive. Another thing to consider is offering background space on your Twitter page or Facebook profile picture.

4) Hold events

Take your community and conversation offline. We live in a three-dimensional world, so why don’t we use it? Holding tweetups, celebrations, happy hours, etc can help enhance the relationships you have with your community and open up space to attract local restaurants, businesses and more. Plus, use a hashtag for the event and your audience amplifies.

5) Create exclusive sponsorship content

Develop content that can be exclusive for one of your sponsors. Sometime you and the sponsor can work together to develop this content or you can bring these ideas to the table. However, make it relevant to your community first and the sponsor second. If they’re a sponsor, they probably have the same personsa they are going after.

These are just a few new ideas to help you make money blogging in 2014. What other ideas do you have, except the old fashion adsense advertising model?