What Marketers Can Learn From Rappers

What Marketers Can Learn From Rappers

Written by: Komail Mithani

October 10, 2013 1:54 pm 0 comments

marketers-businesses-learn-from-rappers-advise-inspirationMarketers find inspiration for new ideas from a variety of different places. Mostly, many marketers tend to get their ideas from others in the industry. Now I’m not implying that this is a bad thing, because every marketer needs to be abreast on how industry leaders and influencers are reaching their consumers, especially competitors. But, I want to challenge every marketer to seek inspiration from other sources, people and avenues, like rappers. After all, rappers didn’t become successful just by speaking into a microphone, they sold millions of albums and created a community of loyal fans and followers. They are successful business owners and marketers themselves.

1) They aren’t afraid to take risks


The most recent example, of taking a risk, is when Jay-Z released his hit video, Holy Grail, exclusively on Facebook. Instead of simply posting the video on Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, his album’s website and other digital channels, Jay-Z and his team decided to make his extremely hyped video exclusive only on his Facebook page. I’m sure he received some push back from his team, but it reminds us that as marketers we have to take risks in order to do something remarkable and get noticed.

2) They’re social

drake-rapper-instagram-marketing-influential-rapper-social-mediaOne of the things I admire about rappers, or musicians in general really, is that they understand and use social media to their advantage. For example, Drake was named the most influential rapper on social media, with over 46.2 million social conversations about him. Rappers truly understand how to leverage their social media presence to connect with their fans, give behind the scenes updates on their music, share a part of their lives, and even make use of their social map to negotiate partnerships with advertisers. Maybe the the most important thing to note, is that rappers are using social media because it’s where their audience is and they could no longer ignore these mediums anymore.

3) They create remarkable content regularly


Why do you think rappers have a community of diehard and loyal fans? Because, they create fresh content that their community loves. As Seth Godin always preaches, “Do something remarkable.” That’s exactly what rappers do, they create remarkable music and they create it often. Look at all the new music rappers are releasing in 2013. Their content is what is keeping their community engaged, active and yearning for more.

4) They go above and beyond


Rappers not only represent elusive brands, but they are people as well with emotions. Recently, rappers Drake and The Game helped out an Ohio woman that lost her five children and boyfriend in a fire. No one asked them to donate their money or even involve themselves in the situation, but they went above and beyond. Another example, is rapper Lil Wayne surprised one of his fans with an $11,000 wheelchair for her disabled mother. They did something that went above and beyond, which is something every business should be asking themselves–how do I go above and beyond to bring value to my community.

5) They love what they do and aren’t afraid to show it


This is probably obvious, but one thing about rappers is that they love what they do and aren’t afraid to show it. The money and expensive cars probably helps, but they wouldn’t have either if they truly didn’t love what they did. As marketers, we have to express our obsession with our profession. We have to let the C-suite, our managers and our sales team know just how passionate we are. We have to express this in our writing, our work and our interactions in the company. Don’t be afraid to be a marketer, because you’ve got great potential.

Did you every think about getting inspiration from rappers?