College taught me….

College taught me….

Written by: Komail Mithani

April 13, 2010 10:02 pm 6 comments

  1. College taught me to not take things too seriously.
  2. College taught me, that no matter what, I am always going to procrastinate before an exam.
  3. College taught me old friends never forget.
  4. College taught me I can’t function before 9am.
  5. College taught me that no matter how much I try to avoid coffee, I will end up consuming more than I need of it.
  6. College taught me to cook.
  7. College taught me what brotherhood means.
  8. College taught me that family will never disappear.
  9. College taught me to stand up for what I believe in.
  10. College taught me to try new things.
  11. College taught me to not judge people.
  12. College reminded me where I came from and no matter where I end up, I know who to thank.

What did college teach you?

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  • Tarina

    I will be starting college in the fall. I came across your blog while looking for advice… I hope college teaches me some of the great lessons you mentioned (not so much the coffee over-consumption).

    • kmithani

      Hey Tarina, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I am also hoping you have the same great experience I did. If you need any advice or help, feel free to send me an email ( Good luck and remember to enjoy it!

  • Amber

    I’m about to start college myself this fall.
    I can’t wait to discover what college will teach me and those around me. I really think it’s going to be such a good experience and I wish more people would go.
    It’s scary and it’s a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it!

    • kmithani

      The work may be overwhelming sometimes, but it is worth it, trust me! I hope you have a great experience as well!

  • styleandease

    Love your site! You have great ideas and incite to the college world.

    Visit my upcoming blog:

    It discusses all things related to the College experience.

    • kmithani

      Thank you so much!

      Checked out your blog, love what you’re doing! Maybe we could do guest posts in the future?