It begins September 1st…

It begins September 1st…

Written by: Komail Mithani

August 25, 2010 10:08 pm 4 comments

Many of you know this already, but I felt the need to offically announce on my blog that I will be joining omNovia Technologies as a marketing associate in Houston starting September 1st.

For those of you not familar with omNovia, here is a quick summary of the products and services they offer:

“omNovia Technologies Inc, founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas, is the technology leader in web conference, webinar, webcasting, online meeting and collaboration solutions both for small business meetings and large scale enterprise conferences with global footprint. Thousands of people around the world use omNovia’s interactive online meeting platform as an alternative to physical meetings on a daily basis. The company also provides live event webcasting solutions, which take the live events, such as seminars, product releases and broad meetings, to the internet and make them available to a vast number of viewers without the cost and the hassle of traveling.”

Part of my responsibilities will be to help revitalize omNovia’s social media strategy, while listening, engaging and sharing with our customers and our community online. There are a lot of exciting and new things happening at omNovia right now and my focus will be to share these innovations with our customers as well as prospective clients. In my opinion, omNovia is a hidden gem many businesses simply don’t know about. For example, did you know the company derives its name from the Latin word “omni” which means “all, every” and “innovation.” The CEO, Shawn Shadfar, envisioned a company which was innovative all the time and in all their solutions. He and everyone else at the company have done an astonishing job living up to the name, and I’m looking forward to learning from some of the brightest in the business, while sharing with you my experiences in the start of my career.

Big thanks to all those that have congratulated me on obtaining a job, especially in this economy. But the honeymoon is over, and now it’s my time to prove I’m a valuable asset to omNovia. It’s time to roll up my sleeves, put in the work and in the end help omNovia reach where I and everyone else in the company believes we should be. Stay tuned, you’re not going to want to miss what we have in store!

  • Opelova

    Congrats! You are right, saying that finding a job in this economy is hard would be an understatement. I’m getting ready for an interview myself (although it’s just for an internship position) and I can’t be more nervous! Hope you will enjoy your new job! 😉

    • kmithani

      Thanks for the congrats on the new job Petra! I actually wrote a post about some things to do before an interview, maybe it will help you. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes!

  • Kristina Zhao

    GOOD LUCK!! :) and CONGRATS!! Please don’t forget to come visit though!! Hook ‘Em!!

    • kmithani

      Thank you Kristina! You know I can never forget about Austin. I’ll be in town for some tailgating soon! Lets catch up then! Hook’em!