Being a Campus Catalyst & Glass

Being a Campus Catalyst & Glass

Written by: Komail Mithani

January 4, 2010 9:29 pm 2 comments

For the past month now, I have been tweeting about a new product called Glass (a collaborative add-on to your web-browser, still in production but will be released soon). As mentioned in my “About” section, I recently acquired an internship with BorderStylo as a campus catalyst helping to get the name out about Glass. The company has hired 16 other interns from other colleges across the United States; all with the same mission and objective. The challenging part about this internship is that it is a remote internship, because the company is based in Los Angelos, California. But,  I see this to be more of an opportunity than a challenge. I think this is a great opportunity for me to use the different tools I already use in order to build relationships with people I may likely never meet in real life. For example, I plan to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Gchat, and this blog to connect with people using Glass. My goal is to use the different tools to share ideas, problems, and methods with the other catalysts. In addition, I want to use these tools to build a two-way communication channel between those using Glass (our customers) and me (the company representative).  The other catalyst and I have already started communicating and throwing around ideas about promoting Glass on our campuses by using Facebook groups, Gmail chat, and a Twitter list. We are not only conversing about our new job but we’re creating friendships along the way. We really couldn’t ignore these channels because from the start we had to use them to locate one another. For example, our first task was to identify the other catalysts around the nation. Here is a great description about Task 1 from one of the catalyst at Tufts University, Jenn Bollenbacher.

The best part about the internship is getting a chance to learn the business benefits of Facebook and Twitter, and not just the leisure side of these social networks.

Now, the company has been a little secretive about the product, but they have been slipping some hints about its functionality and uses. I see nothing wrong with this because the high-level of competition tech companies engage in. But, they have recently released a sneak peak of Glass. I wasn’t able to embed a video from Vimeo, but please click on the link and watch the short video (less than a minute). I would be interested to here your responses about the application and if you think you would ever use it (Please let me know if you know how to embed a video from Vimeo to WordPress.)

I personally am looking forward to using Glass and writing a review about it soon.