Seven tips for young PR pros, from a pro

Seven tips for young PR pros, from a pro

Written by: Komail Mithani

March 21, 2010 11:37 pm 0 comments

Last semester (Fall 2009) I had, in my opinion, one of the best public relations professors at UT, Terry Hemeyer. Hemeyer has been around the block and knows what he is talking about, so when he speaks everyone listens, especially when you have him for three straight hours. But, on the first day of class he shared with us seven qualities every person entering the public relations field today needs to have. Here is what he said:

1) You need to know how to network and build face-to-face relationships.

2) You need to be able to work in a team.

3) You need to be able to write well.

4) You need to be able to solve and analyze problems.

5) You need to be able to weigh through the crap and figure out what is important and what is not.

6) You need to be well read.

7) You need to be able to fail fast. – Understand when a project is not going well and make necessary adjustments to meet your objectives.

Although I would add these:

  1. Understand basic HTML, because digital PR is growing at a rapid rate.
  2. Understand the right social media tools for a client and which ones would make the best fit.
  3. Be able to multi-task.
  4. Take initiative and volunteer for special side projects.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially to those people who are experienced in the industry.

What do you public relations pros think? I’m sure I am missing some stuff.