10 Ways to Optimize your Linkedin Profile

10 Ways to Optimize your Linkedin Profile

Written by: Komail Mithani

December 21, 2010 11:23 pm 2 comments
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Linkedin has grown into one of the premier social networks for professionals eager to connect with new clients, business partners or any other reason to connect and reach-out to someone in their industry. Reportedly, the social network has over 85 million users and is adding a member every second. Many use the network specifically to build and sustain a network of people that they do business with or would like to do business with in the future. A very distinctive feature and selling point that makes the network so popular and unique from others. I’ve personally been using the service, for the past three years, to stay in touch with past employers, classmates and bloggers I’ve reached out to. Here are some basic enhancements I picked up in order to get the most out of my Linkedin profile and make it more appealing for those wanting to connect and reach out to me.

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1. Add a picture.

Simply, people want to know who they are dealing with. Adding a professional picture allows those trying to connect with you to put a face to a name.

2. Put your name is ALL CAPS.

This was a tip I picked up from Kodak CMO, Jeffrey Hayzlett. Putting your name in all caps distinguishes you from an overwhelming list of connections. Also, your name will pop out and grab attention.

3. Connect your Twitter account.

Adding your Twitter account is a simple way to get more followers on Twitter and let users see the kinds of information you talk about and share. Like I mentioned earlier, people like to know who they are dealing with and what they are about.

4. Get two Recommendations.

Think of recommendations as your mini “references available upon request.” This section lets past employers spotlight your work and gives them the opportunity to genuinely write about tangibles you possess outside your profile. You’ve worked hard and I can bet any boss would be happy to write you a recommendation for the work you accomplished, so don’t hesitate to ask.

5. Update your work history.

Keep all pervious work history up to date. Highlight key responsibilities and accomplishments from each work experience. Take some time to read over this section and make sure it’s fluid and concise.

6. Update your “Summary” section.

Make sure to keep this section fresh and current to your goals and professional endeavors. If you think about it, the “Summary” section should highlight key accomplishments, current status and tell a little about you. Most people only read this section and skim the rest of your profile, so keep it updated and current. Think of it as a short bio or about me.

7. Be able to be contacted.

Make it easy for those interested in reaching you, to do just that, contact you. We’ve joined Linkedin for professional reasons, now make it easy and simple for future connections to get a hold of you. I realize on the upper right hand corner of your profile says “Contact [Your Name],” but try to post updated emails. Some users may be relecutant to contact you via Linkedin, so be open and make it simple for them to reach you.

8. Join groups you are interested in.

Joining specific groups that interest you and pertain to your industry show that you’re active on Linkedin and are geniunely interested in sharing and learning from others. Also, joining these groups will put a badge on your profile page so that others may see what your interests and specialities are.

9. Add applications.

Use the Linkedin applications feature to connect your blog, slideshare, enable a polling feature and other applications they provide. Connecting other aspects of your professional social map that couldn’t be highlighted in the text section of your profile, will allow you to show off your expertise.

10. Link to  your company website.

I’m surprised by so many profiles on Linkedin that neglect, in my opinion, the most valuable asset on the page. Make sure you link your company website and any other digital properties you own, which you believe will give the person visiting your page reason to check out. Additionally, this simple change allows more exposure to your company or employer and has some SEO value too.

Any effective suggestions or recommendations you’ve implemented on your Linkedin profile?

Feel free to add me as a connection.

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  • Mike Dover

    You should add Wikibrands to your Amazon reading list!!!

    Hope things are well.

    Mike Dover

    • Anonymous

      Hey Mike!

      I’m going to add Wikibrands to my Goodreads list. Thankfully everything is going really well and I’m about to start a new chapter in my life by joining OrgSync as part of their marketing team.

      Hope all is well with you and Happy Holidays!